Welcome to ChemQuest

The ChemQuest SNF Flomin Group is a South African based supplier of chemicals to the mining industry throughout Africa.

We are the African part of the global business of SNF Flomin, and African mining companies receive the same products, prices and service as mines do from SNF Flomin anywhere else in the world.

The chemicals that we offer are used for the processing of ores, to extract their metal values, and we specialise in performance chemicals which are materials with unique composition and their own specific effects on the metallurgical processes in which they are used.

We provide an onsite technical service to customers to help them to use our products in the optimum way, so as to maximise the metallurgical benefits that they can provide. We also operate laboratories where we test and evaluate the effect of our products on metallurgical processes.

We design and supply plant and equipment for use with our chemicals, mainly to dissolve and dose the solid products, such as flocculants, depressants and xanthates.

We also offer commodity type chemicals so that our customers can obtain all their chemical requirements from one supplier.

We have a strong focus on safety with a full time qualified and experienced Safety Officer to advise customers on the safe use of our hazardous products, as well to ensure we operate safely ourselves.

We hold stocks in South Africa, to provide a short delivery time to customers in the Southern African area.